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Educate- Enable- Equip 

June Prayer Requests
Please click here for our prayer requests


Welcome to the home of all the latest from Christian Schools Workers Hastings.

CSWH have been serving the schools of Hastings since 2001.

  Last term we did...

Term 5

  •  19 Jaffa Clubs

  • 6 Acts Of Collective Worship taken

  • 6 Hot Chocolate Clubs

  • 1 Prayer Space 


Student count 2023/2024
           Term 1-2322
Term 2-2606
                     Term 3-3316
                        Term 4 - 3616
                         Term 5 - 3700

               Term 6 -

Each term count is the amount of students that term, the total year count is individual students and not based on duplicates.

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