Part- Time Schools Worker Vacancy...

    We are looking for someone who...


  • has plenty of creativity, drive, initiative and energy,

  • can relate to school aged children and young people,

  • is able to communicate effectively to large (whole school) and small groups of young people across the primary and secondary phases,

  • Is able to use technology in a creative and engaging way,

  • has passion for sharing the good news of Jesus,

  • has the ability to earn the respect of people in leadership,

  • has experience working with children and/or young people.

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The Virtual Life Exhibition



Student count 2020/2021

           Term 1 - 

          Term 2 -

           Term 3 - 

                 Term 4 - 216

          Term 5 -

          Term 6 -

Each term count is the amount of students that term, the total year count is individual students and not based on duplicates.

Student count 2020/2021

Total - 216+