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Captain Tom's 100!


Bags of litter collected and communities cleaner....


£341 (+gift aid) Raised!


Thank You!

Tom Litter Pick.png

On Friday, it would have been Captain Tom’s 101st birthday and a challenge has been set up in his memory, ‘Captain Tom’s 100.’  Charities are invited to fundraise this weekend so Christian Schools Work Hastings is taking part in the challenge and the Trustees and Management Committee are tidying up our community by litter picking from 30th April to 3rd May.   We aim to collect 100 bags of litter between us!!!

You can help too by....



a) sponsoring us on our fundraising page to raise funds for CSWH 😀

b) doing your own litter pick in your area and filling a black (biodegradable if possible) sack with local litter and helping to meet the 100 bags target, 😀 😃

c) doing the litter pick and asking your friends and family to sponsor you, 😀 😃😄

d) do a, b and c. 😀 😃 😄 😁

Once a bag is filled,

  • then add your donation to the website (selecting CSWH option) see below for link to the page;

  • have a picture taken with the filled bag and  send it to Sarah at so we can we can see how many bags have been collected toward our target. (Please state if you give is permission to share your picture on our website/ Social Media platforms).



If we collect 100 bags between us and are sponsored £1 per bag, that's £100 toward the work of letting young people in our area know about the saving love of Jesus Christ. If we receive £2 per bag and collect all 100 bags, well you can do the math!!


Thank you so much, Tom Collins, on behalf of CSWH.

This link takes you to the CSWH fundraising page as part of the Captain Tom challenge.

Please stay safe when litter-picking by using a litter-picker where possible, wearing protective gloves, not picking up anything hazardous/dangerous and using sanitiser. 


p.s. if you want to invite someone else to take part or to sponsor you, just forward this page to them to let them know.  The more people, the tidier our neighbourhoods.

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