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Welcome to CSWH's Moving On page. Here you will find all of the videos that you will need to help you to complete the activities in your very own Moving On Book. You can also find the videos on our YouTube channel-

Our Moving on books are designed to help you feel more confident about moving on to secondary school. They are a workbook and are for you to keep. We hope that you have fun completing the activities and challenges in your book. 

We wish you all the best in your last term at Primary school and hope to see you in your new schools in September

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Sarah, Nairne and The CSWH Team


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   Section 1-        Observation


   Section 2-        Timetables


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   Section 3-       Equipment


  Section 4- 

 Finding your way

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   Section 5-          canteen



  Section 6-




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   Section 7-

    get creative


   Section 8-
slave, Prisoner, chief



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   Section 9 - friendship/bullying



   Section 10 -         Dilemmas



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       final           thoughts



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