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New Schools Worker


Mark Beveridge

I am really thankful to be a part of CSWH. It’s a true joy to share the gospel and teach the next generation about the wonderful works that God has done. I’ve now been here for two months and have enjoyed it so much. My favourite part about the job is working with the young people and I am reminded of how Jesus said that we must become like children to be the greatest in the Kingdom (Matthew 18:2-5). I’ve enjoyed Link as we get to worship, pray and do a Bible study. Currently we are going through Ecclesiastes. I pray the Lord does all that He desires and that all the seeds that we have the privilege to scatter, He will use in the young people’s life time to make them both wise for salvation and to be saved, born again and trusting in Christ alone.

Term One 

We have had a fantastic start back in schools. During term one; we have worked with 859 pupils. We have held six JAFFA clubs, given five assemblies and worked with our young people at Link.


At JAFFA club we have been looking at the life of Jesus starting from the prophecies in the Old Testament. The children have made scrolls, stars, and timelines. They have had great fun learning about Jesus.


We have had a very warm welcome back from all schools/ academies, children and staff. We are happy to be back working face-to-face once again.

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