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ManCom needs new members.


ManCom stands for the Management Committee; the group of volunteers who help oversee and support the workers in their role. Whereas the Trustees have a more strategic overview of the work, ManCom tends to help look after the operational aspects of the work, working closely with the workers and volunteers to promote a Christian presence in local schools. This year, with 3 members standing  down and 1 new member joining us, we are looking to fill the vacancies with at least 2 new members. Could God be calling you to do this, or someone you know?     



                             What does ManCom do?


  • We are a group of about 8-10 Christians who are enthusiastic about what CSWH does and can support the workers in achieving their key tasks with their work in schools and expanding the opportunities for young people to engage with Jesus. 

  • We try to have a broad range of experience and skills amongst the group to support the varied aspects of enabling the work. Experience of areas such as education, local churches, finance, fundraising, children’s and/or youth work, IT and business, all would bring value to the team. Skills such as teamwork, determination and drive, commitment and willingness to help and support would also be welcomed. 

  • We meet physically or virtually once a month. When meetings take place we meet with the workers at their office in the Elim Church Centre. Meetings are about 2 hours of an evening and we aim to identify how we can support the workers, help plan for new areas of work and raise ideas to help finance the work.

  • Where possible, ManCom members will volunteer with activities like setting up Prayer Spaces and volunteering at school-based events.  


If you think you have something to offer, or would like to know more, please contact us at -  Like much of God’s work, there are areas of challenge and lots of reward in this work. Do join us if you can, or tell others about it. 

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