Part-Time Schools Worker Vacancy


    We are looking for someone who...


  • has plenty of creativity, drive, initiative and energy,

  • can relate to school aged children and young people,

  • is able to communicate effectively to large (whole school) and small groups of young people across the primary and      secondary phases,

  • Is able to use technology in a creative and engaging way,

  • has passion for sharing the good news of Jesus,

  • has the ability to earn the respect of people in leadership,

  • has experience working with children and/or young people.

Could you be our next part-time Schools Worker?


Please find all of the relevant information for our Schools Worker position below.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything, please email Sarah Brunton: 

   Closing date for applications is Friday midday, 25th June 2021.


                  Please send to